Another wish list n__n;

Since I have the money from selling my ETC dress, I can now shop around again!

So, here are the prints I want.

Meta Strawberry Cream (Skirt, in black perferably. Will consider other colors)

Meta Crown Bouquet (OP in black x pink only)

Meta Girly Note (Tiered skirt. Mainly look for the red, but will consider other colors)

Angelic Pretty Ichigo Millefeuille (Perfer the black)

ANY Emily Temple Cute strawberry prints in any style (JSK, OP, SKIRT)
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I should probably start posting...

I've had this thing for a while now, and I never really kept up a journal.

The first thing I'll post is my wishlist.

My realistic wishlist is:


Collapse )

I have a couple other things, but these are the main ones.
I'll make my "dream wishlist" later.
For now, I'll keep my goals obtainable.
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